New Partnership!

TPS now partners with Choaids (Caring for Haitian Orphans with AIDS)!  We also with The Chanje Movement which houses many children off the street of Haiti, however if a child is diagnosed with HIV we are not able to take them in because it can potentially be spread to other children.  This has been hard on many of our trips because a child in crisis will come to us and there is nothing that we can do.

On a recent trip in April, Edison was brought to our Medical Clinic by his 10 year old brother Esky.  He displayed signs of HIV related symptoms, and after we ran additional tests, we confirmed he was HIV positive and had syphilis.  We began critical care measures for him including nutrients and took first steps towards a treatment plan and regular care.  After being more aware of this problem, Brian found an organization named, Choaids, which is a home that takes in HIV positive children.  Edison now lives in their home and is taken care of with proper care. He is still fighting HIV but with proper nutrition and care he looks so much healthier! TPS will be partnering with them to help these kids get their proper nutrition, tuition, and school uniforms.  Over Labor Day weekend we brought backpacks for each child in this home as they started a new year of school!

Edison is looking healthy after a month of treatment at Choaids! And the Choaids Shelter receiving their backpacks on the first day of school!

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