How are we working in Haiti?

Our most recent trip to Haiti in April was very successful and encompassed a lot of growth for the community and our new property. The team was made up of a medical team and high school students. The medical team held a clinic on the land that TPS purchased and saw about 600 patients as well as established relationships with the surrounding neighbors of the new land. We visited the children that many of our offices sponsor from winning a month of the contest. We were able to provide hundreds of families with food that will last up to a week and provide them with practical day to day items. Through our partnership with Clif Bar, we were able to bring hundreds of bars to hand out to children in local villages. Overall it was a very successful trip and we are very grateful for the hard work of our employees at TPS because we are able to make a huge impact on thousands of individual’s lives and the country as a whole.

We are now in the next phase of our land development. We are working on efforts to build a clinic, a shelter, a school, a tradeschool, two water wells, a church, and a community center. To be apart of this development you can check out www…… for more information.