Haiti Update August 2019

Pastor Forges at Roc Solide church in Port Au Prince (the largest church in Haiti) let us know that the kids program they do during the summer was not going to happen because they lacked funding to put on the program and feed hundreds of kids every day for the next seven weeks. TPS Companies gladly stepped up and provided funding for the entire summer program!

As we are preparing for back to school here in the states, we are also getting our kids ready in Haiti! TPS provided backpacks for all of the children at the shelter to they prepare for the school year ahead.  TPS also purchased a generator, inverter, and 6 batteries for the shelter.  The new generator will ensure the house will have power when the city power goes out, which is often. This was a need for the shelter because it ensures food will stay fresh in the refrigerator and freezer without it spoiling as power shuts on and off.
Last month a team visited CHOAIDS and set up the basketball hoop that TPS purchased for their home. They spent hours playing basketball together and had a blast!